What We Do

Together with Humanus (, Landa raises the standard of living and economics through housing and infrastructure Projects along with the health, welfare, education, medical, cultural and any other worthwhile pursuits provided they uplift the actual standard of life, and do no harm. 

At the heart of Landa initiatives are the Future Cities that are self sustaining, and do not pollute. The new construction materials available, coupled with water generation and green energy systems, will provide for a remarkable quality of life.

The overlaying criteria of Landa funding initiatives, is that the Project considered for funding must benefit our Humanity, and adhere to the “no harm” tenet.

In conjunction with Humanus, DragonsHeart, Keystone, and other Trusts and Foundations of like mind and Heart,we provide symbiotic elements to the global Reconstruction effort for the benefit of our Humanity. 

Project Mission Directives

  1. Reconstruction Of The Planet Earth As The Main House Of The Human Species
  2. Develop Better Use And Care Of The Resources Of The Planet Earth And Others
  3. Improve The Habitat Of The Planet Earth And Remediate The Environment
  4. Improve The Quality Of Life For The Human Species And End Poverty
  5. Clean And Improve The Waters Of The Planet Earth
  6. Development Of New Frontiers For The Human Species Both Inside And Outside Of The Planet Earth
  7. Provide Financial Support To The Inhabitants Of The Planet Earth
  8. Provide For Humanitarian Projects
  9. Provide For Economic Development Projects
  10. Provide For Advanced Food Production Projects
  11. Provide For Advanced Housing Projects
  12. Provide For Production Of New Green Energy Sources
  13. Provide For Construction Of Future Cities
  14. Provide For New Transportation Systems
  15. Develop New Industrial Concepts
  16. Develop New Industrial Manufacturing Techniques
  17. Development And Provision Of Advanced Medicine
  18. Development And Provision Of Advanced Technologies
  19. Development And Provision Of Advanced Education Models
  20. Develop and Deploy Advanced Scientific Research And Developments
  21. Development And Provision Of Employment In Advanced Fields
  22. Develop And Provide New Opportunities For The Human Species


About Us

Landa China Development Investment Corporation (LC) began corporate life in Hong Kong (LC (HK)) in 2008. It garnered tremendous funding relationships for its multifaceted inter-disciplinary Projects both Humanitarian and Commercial, and attracted the sought after partner profile of great Humanitarians in Scientists, Economists, Engineers, Executives and Visionaries in key sectors to its Projects.

The purpose for which LC is formed is to assist in the capital funding of Humanitarian, Charitable, and Commercial/Industrial Projects to the betterment and aid of our Humanity, particularly to children of all ages, with a special mandate of providing aid to abandoned seniors, and introducing the openness and wonder of our (homeless/parent-less) children to the seasoned wisdom of our elders, and to clean our waters. 

Landa's focus is the construction of future cities, food production, power generation, technology transfer and deployment, health care, waste demolecularization & salvage, and Governance.Our close working relationships with Humanus, DragonsHeart, and KeyStone allow us to provide a full spectrum of global services for the benefit of our Humanity.




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