Below, please find the checklist for the proper submission of historic assets.

1.  Client Information Sheet or CIS (Only Legal owner or approved signatory)

2.  Letter of Non-Solicitation (Inquiry & submissions are voluntary)

3.  Letter of Exclusivity (Exclusive authorization for 30 or 45 days)

4.  Letter of Intent to sell

5.  Affidavit and History of Legal ownership (Must be up to date) (3 Years Minimum)

  • Origin and number of years Bonds in custody of Owner and the Chain of ownership
  • Authorization for submission and capacity to sell said instruments

6.  Indemnification and Attestation

  • Affiliation with Government agency
  • Asset ownership is of non criminal origin
  • Signatories represent the facts

7.  Affidavit of Non-Submittal to others (Bonds are not submitted to anyone else for sale or trade)

8.  Cease & Desist (C&D) to (All Intermediaries)

9.  Global Cease & Desist (GC&D) International Cease & Desist (IC&D) to "All Registered Agencies"

10.  Attorney Attestation letter ( On Lawyer letterhead with Bar number & address)

  • Lawyer has physically seen the bonds (front & back) and has verified the serial numbers
  • Copy of Attorney's State Practicing License or ID

11.  Non-Circumvention / Non Disclosure (International Chamber of Commerce)

12.  Passport image

  • Clean, clear, color image 8.5"x 11.0" (it is enlarged copy by about 129%)(pdf format)

13.  Authorization to Present, Verify and Authenticate

14.  Resolution of Board of Directors (if applicable)(Client is a corporation)

15.  All documents Must have ORIGINAL WET BLUE INK signatures, NO COPY & PASTE

16.  Scanned image of each Bond in Color

  • Color picture front/back of bond with clear color copy of matching Authentication
  • Images are scanned at minimum 300 DPI, Centered and Not skewed.
  • Folio numbers must be clearly identified

          Quantity: 1 to 10 (one image of each bond)

                           10 to 100 (One image of each bond for the first 10, then one per 10 bonds)

17.    PASS-CO / PERITO / SCRIPO / Etc… Authentication Reports

18.  Inventory of Assets (List of Folio numbers with Authentication numbers in Excel sheet format as attachment)

19.  SKR: Please provide copy of SKR receipt

You can download the required documents as well as the checklist and procedures here:

Compliance Checklist

Submission Procedures

Asset Register Spread Sheet


POL Instruction

Genealogy Acknowledgement

Attorney Attestation

Thank You

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