Notice of Landa Documents

Landa does not publish any formal documents relating to solicitation of historic asset redemptions. Fake documents have been received with director's names on the document set. Landa never has put out, or will put out, such documents. Any receipt of such documents should be sent to Landa with information regarding their origin.

Notice of Landa Representatives

Representatives of Landa have Landa email in the following format:

                        john.smith @

Any others claiming to be a Landa representative without an official email is to be reported to

Thank you.

Overview of Historic Bonds

Landa has received final information from the global Trust that is providing resolution of all Chinese and USA bonds.

We have also been advised to properly term the process as a Remittance and Compensation process (previously the Buyer or Redeemer, and the Seller in a buy/sell process), and not a Redemption process. The Holder remits the assets in a bid for Compensation.

There is a marked difference between these terms, and stems from the original system that was used to create the Holders or Custodial Trustees (Guardians/Keepers) of the boxes of bonds many decades ago.

According to history, the bonds were provided to the Holders to keep in safety these values. Some Holders were not satisfied with their monthly stipend that was paid to them as part of their contractual obligation or Mission, and opened boxes of bonds with the intent to sell them to augment their stipend.

In this manner, bonds and boxes of bonds were released into the public, and created the markets we see today.

However, in doing so, the Holders were in violation of their contractual obligation as "Keepers" or "Guardians" of these assets. The assets they sold were at that point considered stolen, and are still considered stolen to this day.

The assets the Holders were charged with had particular documents accompanying the assets which consisted of:

  1. The original primary, principle Power of Attorney.
  2. The complete set of five (5) quintuplet papers which are the proofs for the original instrument's valid existence.

If any current Holder (most times called Sellers or Owners) does not have these documents, then they are automatically considered stolen, and the majority of the official Remittance and Compensation agencies will disregard these bonds despite their inherent value.

However, the oversight of the Remittance intake has allowed for alternative means of disposition of these bonds. For this purpose, the platforms and flippers are very active in their intake of loose bonds without the formal provenance, and Holders of bonds are realizing some measure of Compensation when they remit their assets.

The process of remittance and compensation will continue for some time, and these schedules have been firmed up.

Note: Please submit your packages through the network that introduced you to Landa.

Process of Remittance

The intake process of bonds destined for Compensation remains the same. An Asset Register of all the bonds in the Holder's keep is required along with the CIS of the Holder, as well as clear pictures of the assets. The formal KYC may be provided as well.

The timing of the closings of all submitted packages is dependent on the size of the submission. A submission of 1000 boxes will be done ahead of a submission of 10 boxes or 500 loose bonds. However, they will all be compensated in the end result, so patience will be required if you have a lesser amount of assets to submit.

The price list remains the same as posted below, and the addition of Black Coffin boxes is not provided there. The price is dependent on the type and ranges in large figures.

Once registered and approved, a second and final KYC may be required. This will be discussed further between the Remitter and the Compensator.

All compensation funds will be required to serve the Global Projects. The amount of service is about 80% of all returns to Project side. The voluntary donation to Landa/Humanus Global Projects can be 1 or 10% to as much as the Holder wishes to provide or donate.This is neither required nor demanded.

Duplicate submissions that wish to be introduced to the Trust are advised that if they are lodged through any of the official channels, their submission is registered already, and they are required to send targeted Cease and Desist orders to all previous groups that handled their submissions. This is the only way that Landa will be able to accept and process such submissions, but this may not be in the best interests of the Holder of the historic assets.

Being registered in the system already means that you will be considered for Compensation, and our advice is to stay with the group you are with if they have placed your submission properly.

Our purpose is to provide a helping hand and a good service through the introduction of the Holder to the Trust.

Primary Intake Procedure

The official Compensators have in their possession the Master Sheet of all Assets given out, assigned and/or held by any Family member, Elder or Trustee. This Master Sheet also contains the master accounts where the various assets are held.

The official channel has specific procedures for both Family members, and all others. The procedures for non-Family members require the following items:

  1. The original primary, principle Power of Attorney - granted to the Holder or Custodial Trustee in the first instance be it from 1996, 1934, 1913 or 1776 etc.
  2. The complete set of five (5) quintuplet papers which are the proofs for the original instrument's valid existence.
  3. The Holder or Bearer writes in their own handwriting what they expect in return, and they submit this with their CIS along with a clear scanned copy of at least 1 of the bonds.

 The Head of the Compensating teams has stated that:

                "Everything you have can be settled as long as it confirms that they are rightfully held"

For Family members, the procedures are already known to the Elder in charge of the assets. For the Family to proceed with the Final Settlement, the following must be produced and brought forth, and this is not the whole list::

  • FAMILY code
  • Pledge item
  • Letter of Authority
  • Letter of Management
  • Request Letter in traditional Chinese completed by the Holder of the Asset to be settled
  • Account name – for cash or AU, precious metals etc.
  • Account number – for same as above
  • The Holder must be prepared to personally show up with the original documents at HSBC H.K. where the closing will take place. In the cases which the Holder is unable to travel for whatever justifiable reasons, we must be aware of it from the very beginning and instructions will be given then to accommodate the transaction.

These documents must come in all at once for the Compensator to determine whether they have a true, honest and rightful Holder and not an imposter. Within 48 hrs at the most, they will have verified the authenticity of all and provide written instructions to proceed.

Secondary Intake Procedure


In addition to the Primary Intake, the Secondary Intake provides for Compensation of all bonds that do not fulfill the requirements of the Primary Intake. The LanTrack System will be the main vehicle of assessing the authenticity and value of all submitted bonds, and may provide the mechanism for some form of Compensation to the Holder they would not otherwise have in light of the history and rules surrounding these assets.

Other channels that are providing Compensatory services are already in a relationship with Landa for this purpose, and we shall be providing direct introduction to these services for the benefit of the Holders registered with Landa.

All submissions will be addressed formally, and next steps delineated. Settlement times will be announced individually, and procedures, travel schedules, bank and warehouse logistics, and similar elements of the contract will be disclosed and ratified with each asset Holder.

The documents required are the manifest of the bonds/boxes, and the CIS along with pictures of the assets. The pictures and the Asset Register are the first documents required.

The Excel spreadsheet for the asset manifest may be downloaded here:

Asset Register Spread Sheet

To save a copy of the spreadsheet, click on the Excel icon on the top left hand hand side of the spreadsheet in your browser and rename it to your name.The same applies to the Word docs as below.

Once the bonds/boxes are approved, a formal letter will be sent. On receipt of the manifest and KYC by the buyer, a closing will be scheduled. Time to close and compensation payment is discussed with the Trust directly.

The official KYC format may be downloadable here:


The Fee Protection Acknowledgement may be downloaded here:

Genealogy Acknowledgement

The Attorney Attestation format may be downloaded here:

Attorney Attestation

The Compliance Checklist may be downloaded here:

Compliance Checklist

The Procedures for Submission may be downloaded here:

Procedures for Submission

This Compensation process will take a long time to accomplish considering the sheer size of the available assets. All submissions will be processed according to their schedules.


The KYC does not have to be currently dated, but it should not be more than a few weeks old. The information in the KYC must be the information of the actual asset Holder. It cannot be the information of a power of attorney. Be advised to read every word of the KYC provided before completing the form. All ingredients of the KYC are clearly defined in the first few pages as to what can, and cannot be done or accepted.


A POL is no longer required. We require six photos of each category of box submitted. The serial numbers for the remaining assets in a category should be included in the KYC. If more than one type of box is submitted, then six photos of one box in each category are required. If a box has been opened, it should be noted in the KYC and a photo of the open box supplied. If the assets inside the box are controlled by the asset Holder, then a photo of the box and the assets should be included.


Photo of the passport must be high resolution color.


A list of all brokers in the transaction is required with their passport numbers, email addresses, and telephone numbers. This is a good time to mention one important issue about paymasters. Neither the Holders nor the intermediaries in the deal will ever get to use their own paymaster.

The end Compensator appoints the paymaster, and the paymaster will not be one of the familiar names. The paymaster will be a government level paymaster, and one of his jobs will be to pay taxes on the transaction directly to the various governments in question. All taxes will be paid directly by this paymaster for the Holders and all intermediaries in the transaction.

If any broker refuses to provide his or her passport number, then that person is guaranteeing that he or she will not be a part of the fee structure.

This is also a good time to mention titles. The final Compensator does not recognize the Holder’s mandate or Holder’s rep title. Under no circumstances will either the listed Holder mandate or rep control any aspect of fees. In the eyes of the final Compensator we are all intermediaries, and fees will be divided equally.

POAs, Holder reps, and mandates are brokers and will not, under any circumstances, receive more than an equal share of the fees.


Asset Holder submits a complete compliance package. The next communication of any kind will be between the Holder and the attorney for the final Compensator.

We will be notified prior to this initial communication. We will notify the Holder, or in some circumstance the person next to the Holder, that he or she will be contacted. We will give the name of the attorney to the Holder and disclose the manner (email, telephone call, etc.) in which the Holder will be contacted.

From the time of the submission to the time of the Compensator's attorney / Holder communication, no updates will be given, no timetable will be given, and no prices will be given.

The attorney will discuss specific details and requirements of the contract with the Holder. If the Holder refuses to follow contract procedures, the process will stop and the Compensator will move on to the next Holder.

Assuming the Holder agrees to the Compensator's procedures and signs the contract, the next step will be for the Holder to surrender the assets to the Compensator's Agent. This is a critical step for any Holder to understand, as the assets will be examined using state-of-the-art technology to determine their authenticity by the Authenticator and his teams.

The Holder will be given an SKR by the Compensator's Agent. He must surrender the assets when directed to do so by the attorney for the Compensator or the Compensator's Agent.

By this procedure for security, the Compensator and Holder will not be present at the close.

There will be no TTMs. Holder and Compensator will never meet.

There have been many crimes committed against Holders of these assets, and the Compensator will make every effort to keep the Holder safe. To that end, the Compensator's Agent and the attorneys for the Compensator will close on the transaction at an undisclosed location separate from one another.

After the close, the paymaster will be directed to set up new bank accounts for the Holder and intermediaries in the transaction at locations of their choice. The paymaster will pay the applicable income taxes for the Holder and intermediaries directly to their governments.

After these bank accounts are set up, the Holder and the intermediaries will be given various options. They can take their after tax money and walk away, or they can put some or all of their fees into a humanitarian based trade. The individual in question will make that decision after reviewing the options. He makes this decision alone and is not bound by the decisions of others in the transaction.

Important Note

There are no rolls and extensions in this process. The Holder submits the assets that he wishes to transact. He will have one opportunity and cannot come back to the Compensator and submit more assets. Further, if the Holder submits a small quantity of assets, and the Compensator knows the Holder has more in his possession, the Holder will be moved down the list of packages to be processed and may not close at all..

There are many asset Holders who have kept their assets in storage for many years. Sometimes they run up debts to the storage facilities that they cannot pay. Their idea is to close on a small number of bonds, use the money to pay the debts, and then bring the rest of the assets to the buyer. This strategy will not work. The only workable solution is to submit all of the assets and note in the package that there are debts on particular assets. The final Compensation group will make arrangements to close on all of these assets. Transparency is essential.

Bond Types

Important Note on Coffin Boxes

Coffin Boxes are dangerous as they have low-grade Uranium powder inside. The final Compensator is the only avenue for these assets. Resellers do not have the right to take these submissions. The final Compensator will take these assets under contract and process these assets after the other boxes, i.e., pursuant to the terms of the new 2015 Accords being finalized at the Governmental level.

Any other information being dispersed from the secondary market about these Boxes is inaccurate.


  1. Chinese Farmers Bonds 2M, 1M, 500K, 250K
  2. Chinese Liberty Bonds 100K and 10K
  3. Chinese Lung Tsing U Hai Railway Bonds
  4. All other Chinese Bonds will be considered in context to the submission, with volume packages taking precedence.


  • 250K Farmers (Celebrity) Box
  • 250K + 500K Farmer Bonds: price depends on land value/year
  • 500K and up: prices to be discussed

 Tiger Zebra

  • 777 Boxes: Price depends on style and size of the Box as the contents vary – four different box styles/sizes and Mother Boxes.
  • 1912 to 1937 10,000 Liberty Bonds: depending on Folio series which are: 4000, 5000 and 7000. Higher the numerical series the more paid.
  • 1912 to 1937 100,000 Liberty Bonds


  • 10,000 Liberty Boxes
  • 10,000    Liberty Suites / Escalera w/ all AU Certificates & Documents
  • 100,000 Liberty Suites / Escalera w/ all AU Certificates & Documents
  • 500,000 Liberty Suites / Escalera w/ all AU Certificates & Documents
  • 100,000 Liberty Bond
  • 500,000 Liberty Bond


  • Coffins or Dragon Boxes (e.g., Black or Gold Coffin)
  • Blossom Boxes
  • Kobe Boxes
  • Super Petchili (Lung Tsing U Hai Railway Bond)
  • Black Eagle
  • Super Black Eagle
  • Imperial Black Eagle
  • American Boxes: TOV, FRN, FRB, J. P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, American Dream Box, Silver Certificate, Morgenthau Box, Coffins, etc


TOV Boxes first, JP Morgan’s second, and then all others - Gold backed Boxes preferred: e.g., Wells Fargo. FRB’s and FRNs are handed separately.

It is important to note that the final compensator is looking for large quantities of bonds. Packages with just a few bonds will be well down on the priority list.

Guide For Submitting a Package

Completely fill out the KYC package in WORD format. Attach the Passport, Attorney Attestation Letter, Authentication Report(s), SKR, if applicable, Addendum (Bond and Pass-co list), and photos of the bond(s) with the Proof of Life (POL) photos.

Print the KYC once it is completed with all documents inserted.

Initial each page in the bottom right hand corner. Seller should sign each page where indicated. Both initials and signatures should be in WET BLUE INK (blue felt pen is preferred). Packages that are submitted with electronic or cut and paste signatures or in black ink will be automatically rejected.

Scan the KYC after signing and initialing all of the pages. Change the file to PDF, or submit the jpg pictures and we will PDF the package for you.

Make sure that the name on the letterhead matches the Seller’s Passport. The letterhead should list the Seller’s name, address, contact information (Phone numbers, email address and SKYPE) followed by the Seller’s Transaction Number. For Example:


John Paul Smith (Same as on the passport)

12345 Lakeview Drive, Plant City, Florida 33654 - USA

PH: 1+-813-123-1234  Mobile 1+-813-123-1234 Email: SKYPE: John.Smith

Seller’s Transaction Code: JPS/SUPERPET-30/05-26-2015


Make sure that the dates on the Passport are written the same way on the documents when signing. For example: if the passport lists the Date of Expiry as 11 Aug. 2018 then list it that way on the KYC.

Photo of the Pass-co or equivalent for each type of bond should also be provided and should be clearly legible.

Photos of the front and back of each type of bond showing all 4 corners should be legible.

The Photos should be included in the KYC where indicated, but we also need them as a separate attachment because once you put them in the KYC the quality of the pictures is degraded.

Attorney Attestation Letter should be relatively current, but does not have to be the same date as the POL and KYC and must be on the Attorney’s Letterhead and clearly legible.

Seller’s Transaction Code should be typed in the space provided in the KYC.

The Compensators do not deal with Powers of Attorney, Joint Ventures or with a corporation unless there are special circumstances, or the legal Holder of the bond(s) is an officer in the company. Make sure that a Corporate Resolution is included if the bonds are being remitted by the designated corporate officer.

If the sentence states: I, (Name of Holder), Holder and sole signatory of the asset known as (Description of Bonds) with serial numbers as follows. For example:

I, John Smith, Holder and sole signatory of the asset known as three (3) 1937 Liberty 10,000 Chinese Bonds with serial numbers as follows: 12345, 34567 and 56789.

Check the bond serial number with the Pass-co number to make sure that they go together.

Passport of the Bond Owner must be a clear and legible copy.

Copy of the SKR, if applicable, should also be clear so that the Folio and Pass-co numbers are legible.

Once the package is ready to be sent make sure that it does not exceed 20MB. If larger then 20MB send more than one email (For example: email 1 of 3; email 2 of 3 and email 3 of 3).

Final Comment: 

When we submit the Holder’s package we want it to be accepted the first time without any additional corrections needed by the Compensator's compliance. Therefore, we ask the help of all parties involved in making sure that we turn in the best possible package the very first time and not have to go back to the Holders and ask them to provide additional information or to correct documents with errors on them.


  1. Don’t tell the Compensator that you want to close on one bond first and then the rest of my bonds after a successful transaction on the first bond. The Compensator does not do rolls and extensions unless circumstances warrant it such as in the case the boxes are scattered in several locations.
  2. Don’t tell the Compensator that I would like to continue to shop my bonds to see if I can get a higher price from another Compensator. Your transaction is dead in its tracks.
  3. Don’t misrepresent the bonds that you actually have to remit. He is there to compensate the bonds listed in the Asset Register. No bait and switch.
  4. Do bring the actual bonds and original Pass-co reports or equivalent to the meeting or as arranged beforehand.

We trust the above procedures and guidelines are clear and unambiguous. If there are any changes to any of the items listed, we shall post the correction immediately. Our intake teams are on standby to receive your submissions, and be of good service to you.

Thank You

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