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Landa is installing LanTrack, a new online asset  intake software system into this website. The LanTrack System provides for both asset and Project intake services, and asset and Project tracking features.

Other associated services shall be made available as this site evolves.  

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The LanTrack System provides for placing the historic assets on screen where many buyers have the ability to buy the assets, including the end redeemer utilizing the same software system.

Landa is providing historical asset redemption intake services through the Landa Global Financial Division intake system called LanTrack that was developed by Landa's partner, Capital BP, to provide digital trade systems and project management: the LanTrack system. This partnership enables technology to advance the processes of bond redemption and project supervision with speed, effectiveness, and complete transparency.

This enables speed and accuracy to be paramount in the processing of these assets, and processing and closing times may be reduced by as much as 50% or more.  

LanTrack provides for:

  • Infrastructure and technology to aid in the processing of historical assets through secure vaults and warehousing facilities, interfacing software with all major banking systems for settlements, SKR facilities, and professional documentation and high-value encryption services.
  • Project oversight, governance and compliance according to objectives of the Global Reset requirements, and track each Project in real time regardless of location or scope of Project.
  • A symbiotic process model for both seller and buyers in this system.
  • Security background check compliance and filter of multiple submissions.
  • Shortened processing and closing times. 

LanTrack provides intake and compliance services in accordance with banking standards. Each seller and buyer must pass full compliance protocols to be considered for the monetization of their historical bonds.

Landa Global provides for secure vaults to hold and authenticate the bonds and boxes. All SKRs are in the sellers name until transferred to the buyer, and the LanTrack system provides a digital trade floor allowing the closing of hundreds of sellers per day.

There is complete privacy for both buyers and sellers. Sellers will never know who the buyer is. Likewise the buyer will not know who the seller is, only to understand the seller has passed compliance in accordance with the official redemption program and international banking compliance standards.

Buyer can purchase in seconds each asset placed on the trade floor following authentication. Intermediaries or Agents are paid automatically in the system as part of the closing.


Cross data analytical sub-routines allow the system to identify multiple submissions thus eliminating duplicate transaction entries. Biometric face and voice recognition security prevent unauthorized entry or access into the system.

The software and the Capital PB banking charter can fully integrate with the global banking network allowing for funds to traverse the financial networks, unrestricted, to destination accounts.

Strong control measures built in to the data base collective creates the ability to view transaction vetting data by global agency authorities, if required or requested, for security or risk issues or potentials.

Buyers funds  and buyers are vetted and secured before entry into the system, again allowing a seamless exchange of asset and product.

The system is equipped with tutorial modules to educate  how to navigate through the system creating a " user friendly " experience.

Authorized access by transaction participants allows viewing of the transaction as it passes through each step to completion, this keeps all participants well informed and eliminates wasting man hours and resources keeping clients effectively updated and or informed of compliance documentation required or requested.

Fully staffed account representation, experienced in historical asset intake and customer relations, allows for personal communication to facilitate logistical and compliance follow through and oversight.

Online document templates for continuity of documentation complement safe and secure IP addresses with real time fund accessibility based on preloaded buyer and fund acceptance.

Project Integration

Landa and Capital PB have provided a seamless pass through of funds from asset monetization directly to project funding. Each seller can set up project accounts to fund their projects.

LanTrack software provides complete Enterprise Resource Planning to track project expenses and provide the means of additional capital through private bond sales.

Each project can grow and issue their own bonds for financing as our system integrates with Moody’s, Standard and Poor, and Finch credit rating agencies.

LanTrack allows the seller to keep track of the progress of the projects they are funding.

Web cams will be positioned so each seller can see the construction progress of the project. This is provided right inside of the software as encrypted video services.

Complete expense tracking and accounting are provided in compliance with standard accounting practices.

This technology is provided free of charge to the project to assist in its success.


Basic LanTrack Procedure

After receipt of a file for consideration, the following steps provide for an understanding of the process expected.

  1. An introduction communication is sent to the asset holder in the form of an email , acknowledging their file has been sent to Landa Global for processing, identifying who sent the file, and those involved in the transaction.
  2. When a reply to the Introduction Communication is received by Landa administration acknowledging authorization to process the file by the asset holder or authorized signatory, official compliance will be initiated. A reply is mandatory to move forward.
  3. Landa compliance administration will send a  compliance check sheet, IMFPA, KYC template and a genealogy template to the asset provider as well as a CIS template to all beneficiaries listed and verified as participants in the transaction. Due to the volume of submissions, continuity of documentation forms is required. Word templates will be available on the Landa website under the forms tab to be utilized for on-line submissions.
  4. Upon receipt of a completed documentation request/KYC package, a vetting process will be engaged.
  5. Once vetting is completed and the asset holder has been cleared for transacting by all relative agencies domestic and abroad, the asset holder will be given instructions to transport the assets to a secure vault location for authentication. Clients can move the assets personally or via secure courier service such as Brinks.
  6. Upon arrival of the assets to the secure vault location, the client will initially be issued a "warehouse receipt". Once the assets have been authenticated, a "full responsibility safe keeping receipt" (SKR) will be issued in the client’s name only.
  7. Upon completion of the authentication process and the issuance of the SKR, the asset(s) will be placed in the LanTrack system and presented for sale. All participants approved and listed in the transaction will be provided access to the system and transaction via biometric facial and voice recognition security. The level of access will be granted based on the level of the participant.
  8. Buyers, and the buyers’ funds will likewise be vetted and placed in the system for transacting.
  9. At this stage, the buyer reviews the assets provided and simply hits the "buy prompt”, and all authorized funds are immediately distributed to all banking coordinates provided in the IMFPA, and all other destination accounts .
  10. Buyer takes possession of the SKR, and the transaction is closed.


With regards to Historical Assets (bonds): All participants listed and submitted on the IMFPA/Sub-Fee agreement will qualify for the Tax Treaty (approximately 17%). All funds received will be net after tax funds. Should a paymaster be listed as a beneficiary and engaged to distribute and act on the Sub-Fee Agreement, all participants listed on the Sub-Fee Agreement, will be held responsible for their individual tax obligations.

For assets requiring project participation , funds will be separated and placed in structured project accounts for oversight and monitoring of project administrators.   


Landa has provided a platform for the quick and efficient disposition of historical assets.

Through our partnership with Capital PB we can now provide project funding facilities and oversight at an unprecedented level.

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