The Global Remittance Centers are comprised of several facilities in strategic global geographic zones. The first Center in the Philippines is a secure warehouse facility that is being considered for purchase and conversion to a transit storage facility as below.

The second Center is a proposed 15,000 acre site in the Philippines.It was decided to provide such a Center for the purpose of providing a safe and secure channel for the Holders and Keepers of historic assets in the Philippines and surrounding areas to have their historic bonds and other assets settled at this site during the official compensation of historic bonds.

The Center will be petitioned to become a free trade zone with embassies and banks situated there. Facilities can be built quite quickly, and the Center can be functional within a month or so.  

The government of the Philippines will be formally approached shortly for its blessing of this initiative, and this general plan already has a great support from the end Redeemer, who has answered favorably.

Both the government and the Holders will benefit greatly from this initiative, and in particular the people of the Philippines as part of the proceeds of the settlements will be used for the Reconstruction Projects. All the technologies and initiatives of Humanus, Landa and DragonsHeart shall be provided to the Philippines and other geographic areasto create an extraordinary model of the future cities, and the rebuild of all communities requiring such Services.

Historic Bonds

We understand that up to 90% of all the historic bonds are fake. However, fake bonds are not in the best interests of the global community during this time of the General Currency Reset, and indeed the Global Reset of the financial systems.

It is the purpose of the Centers to intake all historic bonds and other assets, real and otherwise, and provide some small measure of "grant" funds for the fake issue and destroy the material. In this manner, many poor farmers that have relied on the premise that someday, the bonds in their hold will be worth something substantial, will not suffer a terrible disappointment and they will be provided sufficient funds for their fake asset to satisfy their needs.

The real assets will of course be settled for the appropriate price. A measure of the settlement is anticipated to be provided to the government for Reconstruction Project usage to help rebuild the Islands and help the people.

Other Assets

The assets to be redeemed include currency, in boxes and uncut, such as USD, Euro, IQD, and others. Gems, gold and other metals will also be settled. Again as with the bonds, the people of the Philippines will benefit greatly, as part of the settlements will be for the purpose of the Projects.

Humanus Museum

The bunkers and tunnels that hold these assets, also hold antiques and other items of historic value and worth. These items will be bought with the intention of creating a Humanus Museum dedicated to these historic pieces.

Many outside of the Philippines and surrounding areas have little or no understanding of the significance of the great role of the Philippines in the safeguarding of the matrix wealth of Humanity, and the responsibilities that are inherent with the current leadership. The Humanus Museum will emphasize these qualities for all to view.

More information will be posted on this initiative shortly.

Bank Vault Facility

Bank vault facilities will be set up in appropriate geographic zones to provide secure facilities for the intake and authentication of historic assets.

This facility will be used mainly for the intake of loose bonds, and small lots of boxes.

Further details will be posted as this facility comes online, along with two other intake facilities in the USA.

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